ICT warehouse complex

Reliability, effectiveness, accuracy, quality, efficiency - 20 years of success. ICT - leading 3PL provider, warehouse and office rental.

ICT used to be one of the first international logistic providers who started offering warehousing logistics on the basis of its own warehouse facility.

Our logistics complex is located 3.8 km from Kiev City Ring in the town of Vyshneve.  ICT operates 33,000 sq.m. of the warehouse space and 3,600 sq.m. of the office space. Additionally we offer a office space in the brand new separated office center complying with A class requirements.

Rated as A-class warehouse by the leading Ukrainian real estate specialists Vyshneve warehousing complex is offering a wide variety of services to its customers:

  • Floor and racking storage;
  • Handling of pallets and loose cartons;
  • Temperature control regimes (0 - +5 and +14 - +18 C);
  • Manual and automated packing and co-packing;
  • Cargo receipt and release using bar code scanners;
  • Warehouse management system (WMS);
  • Full style outsourcing and commissioning;
  • Individual separated storage in the fully protected and security controlled units;
  • Farmaceutically licensed warehouse.

Rent of the warehouse with or without office or logistics outsourcing - you can get it from one supplier at the best location in Kiev with state-of-the-art security and warehouse equipment.

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Просмотреть Складской комплекс ICT на карте большего размера
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